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        Xingtai city Chang - resistant seal Co., Ltd was founded in 1998, is a professional manufacturer of automobile oil seal, semi - Trailer oil seal and seal. Work covers an area of 700 square meters, with injection molding machine, vulcanizing machine, punching machine, hydraulic machine, lathe and other special equipment, strict quality, sophisticated products The company mainly produces Fu Bridge, Kell bridge, saf bridge and York bridge, like ONKYO, BPW bridge, oil seal, camshaft repair kits, pull arm sleeve, saddle Bush and North Benz, Steyr whole car oil seal. Fu bridge accessories and a number of supporting axle factory use; and to make all kinds of sealing parts, stamping parts processing.

        Copyright:Xingtai city Chang seal Co., Ltd. Contacts:Zhang Fengxiu Phone:+86-15833604963